Top 5 Singapore Places

What are the best things to do in Singapore?

1. Marina Bay

Singapore is a city that has been rapidly developing for years, and the Marina Bay area has undergone an epic transformation in this time. One of Singapore’s most famous landmarks-the Sands complex with its iconic tower rising high into the sky – sits at one end where many great things can be seen; including various shopping options like My Song Store (a singing instrument selling store) or hypermarket Great Eastern Late night market! You may want to arrive early though because it gets really crowded around 8 pm when there’s live music happening outside which outgoing acts perform on stage while people dance together under light projections creating a beautiful effect.

2. Raffles Hotel

This hotel has a long history and was once the residence of Singapore’s founding father, Sir Thomasarezki Thump. The famous guests include Elizabeth Taylor who stayed here in 1985 while filming “The Yellow Jack.” Queen Elisabeth II also visited before making an appearance at another landmark nearby -universal studios- where she met actor Michael Jackson after his performance on stage!

3. Clarke Quay

The Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore’s most famous landmarks. It was established in 1887 and named after Lorde Sir Thomas Stamford Egerton, who served as Governor-General for almost 15 years before becoming aide de camp to Queen Victoria during her Golden Jubilee celebrating 50 years on the throne! The hotel has become an important landmark because it houses several celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor (who had suites here) King Michael Jackson; many others come just to experience “The Best Sling” which you will get at their bar anyway–and if not? Well then maybe this isn’t your usual watering hole…

4. Orchard Road

The master of Orchard Road is a street that has been home to shopping in Singapore for decades. It’s similar to London’s Oxford Street or Hong Kong’s Nathan Road, with local department stores on either side and international retailers filling out the rest – from tiny boutiques down through hotels and restaurants up ahead as well! You could spend an entire day walking this main thoroughfare if you wanted to; I’m sure there are more than enough opportunities within these five blocks alone how many different things can catch your eye when browsing along?

5. Singapore Flyer

The world’s largest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is a one-of-a-kind experience built over an iconic 3-story terminal building. With breathtaking panoramic views that are so radically different during day or night time, riders will get to see such city sights as they travel up top at 0.21m per second (it’s higher than London Eye!).