15 Best Things to Do in Madrid

Madrid is a city so full of life and culture that you won’t be able to see everything in just one day. Artistically, it holds its own against any European destination with world-class museums where renaissance masterpieces and seminal 20th century pieces await your exploration!

Madrid is a city that will take your breath away with its beautiful architecture and rich history. With so much to see, you’ll need at least two days for just exploring! Some places worth visiting include the iconic Plaza de las Cortes; Retiro Park which has lots of gardens including one called Ancha where famous artists have performed concerts under tents during summertime since 1734 – don’t miss out on this if possible because it’s really something special-, Casa de Campo area outside Quintana para el TCP Leadership Center where Kings Juan Carlos I & II once lived before their reigns began.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Madrid:

1. The Prado

It’s an overwhelming collection of masterpieces by renaissance and baroque masters at Spain’s most popular art museum.

In addition to Velázquez, El Greco are some other pieces you don’t want to miss out on when visiting The Prado Museum! With so many amazing paintings from all over Europe including ones by Rembrandt van Rijn & Frans Hals it will take quite awhile for your eyesight (or taste buds)to recover afterwards- but that just means more time spent enjoying life as well!!

2. Retiro Park

Retiro Park is one of the most scenic parks in all of Madrid. With its elegant gardens, tall trees, and crystal clear water it has been royal property since 1734 when King Philip V established this land as an outdoor escape from city life for himself-a place where he could find peace with nature during times when there were wars going on around him! Today you can still see reminders that remind us how important these early rulers thought environmental care should be by looking at what grows here today: Palm Trees lining either side of narrow walkways so close they seem almost touching; lush green grass underfoot bordered.

Available tour: Retiro Park Segway Tour

3. Royal Palace

Madrid’s green heart and full of elegant gardens, the Retiro is just a few steps east of historic places like El Prado Museum. You can enjoy this park while visiting with children or taking afternoon strolls to get some fresh air! If you’re looking for something more active then head over near Medicina tower where there are plenty of activities including rowing lessons (they offer both gender-specific groups as well single trip rentals). In addition please note that all paths throughout Plaza de la Villa will eventually lead back home so avoid getting lost by keeping an eye out on your surroundings.

Available tour: Royal Palace of Madrid Skip-the-Line Guided Tour

4. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

The stadium is a must-see for football fans. The most successful team in Europe with 11 European Cups to their name, Real Madrid have made history here many times down the seasons and you can take an exclusive tour that will grant panoramic views from inside this giant 85kseat arena as well! You’ll also get access into dressing rooms & dugouts among other interesting bits including trophy collections/press boxes etc.

Available tour: Bernabeu Stadium and Panoramic Tour With Tapas

5. National Archaeological Museum

The El Greco collection is a tour through Spanish history that will surprise you with its wealth and beauty.

The best pieces from this museum are not only centuries old, but also seem like they were made just recently than 2 500 years ago! One such example would be The Lady OfElche-a bust depicting an elegant woman wearing intricate earrings as wellas elaborate headdresses which can clearly been seen on display here at the Museo De Las Culturasaganistas encyclopedia . Later additions include treasure finds like those found near Guara thicker Zaharramendezin Norte de Leon Y Illustrator Segundo Cuadro Del Prado.

6. Puerta del Sol

The Casa de Correos, or Post Office Building as it is sometimes called in English speaking countries like Canada and Australia too, has been a popular meeting place for centuries. A stone’s throw away from this building are some other notable sites such its clock tower which marked every New Year Eve with an sounds until 1995 when they changed gears to chime out bells instead; there’s also El Oso y Madroño Statue – symbols of Madrid since medieval times!

7. Gran Vía

If you want to get a sense of Madrid, start with an evening stroll along Gran Vía. It’s the city’s entertainment and shopping mecca—a bustling avenue often full until dawn with lifelong residents stopping by their favorite shops or checking out what new releases are trending at H&M before heading over famous boulevard Soriano for some dinner near La Latina Fountain

A great way explore this thriving metropolis while also getting acclimated after landing here? Take one look down each block; there must be hundreds if not thousands that would pique interest! The Telefónica Building should catch your eye too -built back when phones were still connected directly onto walls rather than portable devices.

8. Plaza Mayor

Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is a handsome renaissance square, laid out in the early 1600s and completely sequestered by historic three-storey high residential buildings. There are nine entrances to this prestigious location including one near an outdoor cafe where you can order overpriced coffee while watching Madrid glitter before your eyes! After sipping on some good brew (over $3!), go upscale into higher floors for views that will make even more sense about what has happened throughout time here than from just walking around town aimlessly like everyone else does everyday – because let’s face it: nobody knows.

9. Mercado San Miguel

The food at this market is so fresh, it’s virtually unchanged from when they pickings 20 minutes ago.

A post-date steak bought here yesterday goes perfectly with a Ribera del Duero red wine you found in one of the many discount stores along Plaza Mayor and took home for less than seven bucks! If there are still queues outside your favorite tapas bar on Calle Perdida (lost street), fear not; I’ve checked out all my options too – patatas bravas never looked better than beside an order of thin fried codfish arms served up alongside mushrooms sauteed in olive oil & garlic alongside.

10. El Rastro

The market is an easy walk from Plaza Mayor and dates back to 1916. It’s more of a gastronomic destination than fresh produce, though there are grocery stalls here as well if you’re looking for things like cava or pimenton (paprika). You can also purchase saffron which makes up part of Spain’s most famous export–gambas al Ajillo! If tapas aren’t your thing then head over 220 meters down the road where all sorts of meats await inside Mercado de las Maravillas Cuatro Camins – Europe’s largest municipal market with almost 365 different vendors selling everything imaginable.

11. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Art

Thyssen-Bornemisza is home to some of the most renowned paintings in all Spain. The collection spans different schools and periods, but it’s clear that this museum would not be complete without its neighboring “Golden Triangle” counterpart -The Prado Museum Right Next Door!. Thyssens has pieces by artists such as Holbein Hans Baldung Grien Albrecht Dürer alongside works from other renaissance masters like Tintoretto Veronese Rembrandt van Dyck etc., there are so many more amazing masterpieces inside these two museums together they make one big art lover’s dream come true!

12. Reina Sofia Museum

Madrid is a city filled with art, and the best way to see it all would be on your own personal tour. But if you want an introduction into some of Spain’s most famous artists like Picasso or Dalí then this three-museum day will give just that! The first stop being Reina Sofía where there are many works by these two masters themselves as well other key Spanish names such Chillida Sculpture Forest Trail.

13. Churros at San Ginés

Spanish hot chocolate is the perfect drink to enjoy during winter. It has a rich, creamy texture that can be so thick you need spoons for it and tastes amazing with churros – which are deep-fried dough covered in sugar or cinnamon spice

It’s also available at many stalls around town if not inside one of these two locations:  The Chocolatería San Ginés (a cafe) serves up some delicious drinks including their signature “Acapulco” Hot Chocolate Mixes along side traditional favorites such as Order Of intervals Coffee.

14. Beer at a bar terrace

When you think of going out in Madrid, what comes to mind? Is it midnight fandango with friends at an illegal bar on Calle Bailén or maybe enjoying a sunset drink overlooking the city from one those rooftop terraces.

One place that should be included while exploring this incredible destination is La Cibeles Fountain square located close by Plaza Mayor (just off busy Puerta del Sol). This lavish park features gardens and walkways surrounded bordered by historic buildings including Palacio de la Princesa.

15. Flamenco tablaos

Giving in to your senses with a candlelit meal and sangria? Yes, please! If you are looking for an experience that will not only satisfy taste buds but also fill up on some history about this region’s culture while indulging in Spanish specialties such as jamón ibérico or migas (fried bread seasoned with paprika). Then head out there amongst the flamencos dancers who express their passion through movement.