Best Things To Do in Tokyo

Fun Things to Do in Tokyo

1. Cosplay Go-Karting

Simon had always wanted to go out in costume and drive a go-kart around Tokyo. He pictured himself doing it as an adorable character from Star Wars, but when he finally got his chance at beingBit BusterRL Cop or even just plain old Simon – ready for anything! The streets were filled with other car drivers who couldn’t help staring either because they are entertained by the uniqueness of seeing someone else dressed up as their favorite manga/animeelephant on wheels – No matter how much I tried though there was one thing.


We dressed up as characters in Tokyo and drove a go-kart!

At first, I was terrified of going go-karting in Tokyo. But after an hour or two with plenty of cups of smoothies from their store (they gave me some!), it became one fun experience! They let you drive around the city streets while causing chaos among other cars and trucks; there were even times when people took pictures out of windshields because they thought we were real-life superheroes–who could resist such temptation?

2. Tokyo Disney Sea

The seven ports of Disney Sea are inspired by real places and ocean stories. These include American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor, and Arabian Coastlines along with an erupting volcano! If you’re looking for more adult-oriented attractions than at your average MK park then look no further because Tokyo Disneyland boasts that too – in addition to featuring cruises where one can enjoy cocktails while seeing shows performed onboard historic ships or listen to RPM music composed just for this venue..

Traditional Things to Do in Tokyo

3. Sensoji Temple


Sensoji Temple with the Tokyo Skytree in the background

The temple is one of Tokyo’s oldest neighborhoods. It was built in the olden days when people were worshiping Buddha and not electronics like they do now-a-day! You’ll still find wooden shops amidst all those concrete buildings though; it feels surprisingly authentic despite being so close to downtown (less than 10 minutes walking). If you want some good luck while exploring this historic place, make sure that when your fortune telling hour comes around at least someone will be there giving readings – because only then could any bad energy come through for them… or worse yet: nothing happens whatsoever!!

4. Ota Memorial Museum of Art

If you’re looking for a quieter spot in Tokyo, head to Sensoji Temple. The Buddhist temple is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and still has plenty going on despite all its concrete jungle surroundings!
A visit here will leave your heart full as well: take time out from exploring this bustling metropolis by taking a relaxing walk through gardens filled with gorgeous flowers or stopping at any number of shrines along the way – they may give fortunes too!. And if seeing famous landmarks like Sky Tree Tower isn’t enough reason alone why anyone should venture outside their comfort zone? then consider!

5. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

The park is a peaceful escape from the city and we found ourselves surrounded by Cherry Blossoms, Autumn Leaves, and beautifully landscaped grounds. There’s plenty of space for everyone; even if you’re feeling energetic there are hiking trails that will let your legs do most of the running while enjoying views along their course! We love taking walks through French Gardens or sitting under Japanese Trees with our friends over good conversation (and great tea).


Snowy Shinjuku Gyoen

Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

6. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is the best spot for a view of Japan’s capital. From here you can see not only downtown Tokyo but also its iconic skyline including Mt Fuji Often visible when it shines bright at night through clear weather conditions!


7. Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

Sky Circus is an observation deck in Ikebukuro that offers views of the city and cool interactive elements.
It’s possible to visit at any hour, but we choose sunset because there are both day-time pictures as well the same ones taken during nighttime hours when you can see all those lights shining down on everything below! We spent about 1hour 15 minutes here–taking photos together while exploring various areas like their mosaic mirror hall or kaleidoscope room; enjoying VR rides on both The Tokyo Bullet Flight (for adults) which let us fly over central Toshima Ward using gunsight effects